Monday, January 31, 2011

January Haul/Review - Forever21, UrbanOutfitters, and Nordstrom Rack

Since today is the last day for the month of January I figured I should do a blog about the things I've bought this month. Keep in mind that somethings are bought with a gift card because January was my birthday and I had received some as gifts so not everything was bought with cash or out of my own pocket =D I will also list the places that I purchase them from and websites that you can find them at as well. I can not guarantee anything, but I hope you guys can find it or maybe something similar to it, so happy shopping =]
Forever21 Haul on false lashes and accessories: 
The old version of the false lashes have a stiff band so therefore you will need to loosen it up a bit by wiggling so that it will not flick out as you wear it. I do like the packaging of the lashes because it comes with a hard plastic cover that you can store your lashes back on the tray and keep it away from dust. The new lashes have this hella cute packaging of purple and black with white polka dots! but the tray itself doesn't come with a plastic cover so you will need to put it back in the clear cover to keep dust away. If you do not plan on reusing them, then disregard what I said about the packaging then.LOL.The band is super stiff so you will need to wiggle to reshape and it will be fine.I like the new ones because they have better lash designs and also have a 2 in 1 pack and the just "long end lashes" for those who don't wanna wear the full length ones. But I wouldn't reuse the new ones because the lashes are plastic and just doesn't feel natural compare to the old version. I never use the eyelash glue that comes with it and I do not recommend anyone either because they suck, go buy the Duo Dark tone eye adhesive glue from Target or Walgreens for $7 they work hella better. The accessories that I bought were extremely cute and I have this weird obsession for iconic studs. Not to mention it was super cheap as well! 

False Lashes @ State St. Downtown:
 Top column lashes are newer versions <3 and bottom row are older versions
$2.80 each: #83 (crisscross) - #161 (shortLongshort)

 $2.80 each: #12 (separated Long) - #33 (sushi grass displays LOL)

$1.80 each: #1 (thick crisscross) - #2 (thicker&longer crisscross)
$1.80 each: #4 (2 in 1 pack *90 cents each*) - #5 (just Long ends crisscross)

Accessories @ Water Tower place. Downtown:
 $1.50 Cream glitter gold hoops - $1.50 Cupcake gold necklace - $2.80 Iconic studs in 3 (basically $1 each) - $1.50 Vintage Leaf gold ring sz6 - $1.50 Flower gold earrings

Up close: Cupcake with colorful blings all over it! 

Up close: Can you see the glitter? It's so pretty!

Urban Outfitters @ State St. Downtown:
 $4.99 Long dangle Emerald gem earrings
 It is about 5 inches long
  $9.99 Stila 5 piece holiday pkge brushes
#2:under eye concealer - #4:lip/liner - #9:all over blend - #11:concealer - #24:powder

Nordstrom Rack @ Oak Brook, IL:
Nordstrom Rack is a great place to find designer name brand clothing's for a bargain! I got these True Religion jeans for $17.98!!!!! LIKE HOLY MOTHER OF JEANS. I couldn't believe it myself too. So yes ladies, go and check out your local Nordstrom Rack clearance section and see what great deals you can snag for yourself!!! Always try on your jeans! Because I can wear both sz.25 and 26 which is  hella odd.

 $17.98 True Religion jeans style: Becky light washed boot cut sz.25

 The back pocket designs (I'm a sucker for cute pocket designs) 

Check out the sites:

k k until next time, smile and be happy =D  

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