Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Target / E.L.F. cosmetic's haul

I went to Target today because I had some e.l.f.( things to exchange. I have never gone to Target and walked out of there without anything in my hands. I absolutely love Target. The interior of the store just makes me happy whenever I walk in there. Not to mention they have a pretty sweet $1 section for little miscellaneous items. But anyways, back to what I wanted to say. I did a little e.l.f. haul and other cosmetics that were on the clearance section. If any of you ladies who are not familiar with e.l.f. cosmetics, I will give you a quick run down of it. They're basically cosmetics that are super affordable and easy to wear. Definitely check their site out because they carry more items than you would find at Target. I do not believe that every Target carry their line but definitely call your local Target or look it up on their site. Anyways, so after looking at makeups I stumble into the clothing section and I have never bought any clothes from department stores like that because I don't know what brands they carry and it's never any brands that I would wear. BUT BUT BUT I bought my very first black blazer from Mossimo for $7.48!!!! SUPER SUPER CHEAP AND SUPER SUPER CUTE! and it actually fits the way I wanted to. I've always had issues with blazers or anything in general that requires me to have a shoulder because I don't have any so wearing anything stiff makes me look like a robot. I hope that made sense. LOL but yes. I will be posting up pictures as soon as I get my camera to work again. I wanted to get this military short blazer from WilliamRast the line from J.T. but they did not have my size =/ and the Mulberry bag that was for $40 and I could not justify why I would want it =/

Target @ Roosevelt and Clark st. [you can go to any as long as they carry e.l.f. so find out first]

1.) Mossimo Black Blazer: $7.48 [originally $29.99]
2.) e.l.f. Clarifying Pressed Powder in "Honey#1302": $1 [its to eliminate shine]
3.) e.l.f. blush in "Tickled Pink#83132": $3 [I liked my "Candid Coral" a lot so I picked up a second one]
4.) e.l.f. Mechanical Eyelash Curler #1705: $1 [I love the handle and that it comes with a refill]
5.) e.l.f. Bronzing Brush #1805: $1 [I wonder why the brush is red?] 
6.) e.l.f. Concealer Brush #1821: $1 [great on areas that's small and hard to reach]
7.) e.l.f. Brightening eye color quad in Drama#2007: $1 [I love that you can make a glitter/smokey eye look]
8.) e.l.f. Hollywood false lashes #71323: $2.10 [on clearance and it came with the eyelash applicator and eyelash stand to reshape] 
9.) Revlon ColorStary eyeliner in Black/Noir #201: $6.28 [on clearance originally $9 and it came in 2] 

Check out the site:

k k until next time, smile and be happy <3


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