Friday, April 1, 2011


I've been meaning to post a blog about my new baby nephew that was born on Tuesday morning March 29. I wanted to write a post but I was so busy with work and school and going to the hospital the past couple of days to see how he was doing. The day that he was born, he came out having respiratory problems and had to be hooked up to the machines to help him breathe. It was so sad watching the little guy trying to be healthy. But today was an amazing day and all the prayers that I had requested from my friends really pulled through. My nephew got released today in the afternoon and I was so excited to leave class and go see him and hold him. He was supposedly considered a big baby weighing in at 8lbs but hes actually hella small when you hold him. I love the little man already, I really am going to do my best to be an awesome aunt and watch him grow up. As much as I do not agree or support 16 yr old teen pregancy, sometimes these things happens and that I am truely happy to say that I am glad it happened because I've blessed to be an aunt to such a cutie pie nephew and just thrilled to capture his life as much as I can before I start my own sometime near the future..LOL 

k k until next time