Monday, February 6, 2012

Return of the Angry Asian ExGF vol.1 "she's my boy's ex"

 Yep I'm back and angrier then ever! I have so much to talk about and so much to say that I decided I am going to place all my anger into my blog post cause vlog is just too much, i would be bitching for hours. So I will begin with the most disgusting awful news that I found out recently and made this whole situation turn into one of those "WOW REALLY, YOU LYING FLYING SACK OF SHIT"

I am going to start off by saying BITCHES WILL BE BITCHES. There are good bitches and there are nasty bitches. Good bitches are the ones who defend themselves and her girls. Nasty bitches are the ones who are cheaters, gold diggers, and home wreckers/wannabe wreckers. I will start off with what my ex told me and how much he swears by "she's just a friend, she's my boy's ex, I would never fuck with her" BULLSHIT! That is the most down right biggest lie your man can ever tell you. He don't care if that's his boy's ex, he still wished he hit that and will continue to try to get it. WHY WOULD HE WANT TO DO THAT YOU MIGHT ASK? Because he can't help it that his boy got her first. So now he plays the "we're just friends card" BULLSHIT. If you guy's are just friends, she don't need to go and deliberately ask you to get a drink or go get sushi! That's why she have girlfriends to do that with, not a guy who has a gf. I understand that girls be thirsty for guys who are in relationships because they are single and lonely. She wants to be the alpha dog and believe that taking or changing another man's heart is a reward. WRONG BTICH. You are label and awarded the NASTY BITCH AWARD. Because you think that its right to go chill with him, knowing that he's your ex bf's boy and he has a gf. YOU REALLY THINK THAT'S GOING TO GET YOUR EX BF's attention! WRONG BITCH! HE DON'T GIVE A FLYING SACK OF SHIT ABOUT HIM OR YOU. So better luck next time. Now back to the ex bf.

He swears he never wants anything to do with her. THEN WHY ARE YOU MESSAGING HER TO MEET FOR DRINKS AND SUSHI AND WHERE THE FUCK IS MY INVITE? Oh wait, that's right. I'm not invited because they want to get liquored up and then go do the nasty and keep it as their little secrets because they don't want me to know that I'm going to be the stupid bitch who gets cheated on because I took his words of "we're just friends". Cheating unfaithful scums don't get anywhere. I'm glad you guy's found one another because you two make the perfect couple and belong to one another. You really think you guys will have that fairy tale ending and the perfect love story to tell everyone how you two got together. Let me break it down for you. 

girl: this is my new bf, he's my ex bf's boy, i know he has a gf but i dont care because im a dirty lil whore =D
boy: this is my boy's ex gf aka my new gf, i know i said we are just friends but i still want my boy's sloppy seconds  =D 

It's funny that my ex always and I mean always be accusing me of cheating on him when I'm literally with him 24/7 of my days. I don't even have time to do my hair how would I have time to cheat? When in reality he's the one going behind my back meeting up with her at night to get drunk and eat sushi and deleting her msgs so no trace is left behind. Trust me, I can accept girls as a guys best friend but not when you don't even know her enough to give her that title and sure as hell didn't introduce her as your "best friend". So it only shows and proves that he wants to cheat and is plotting on doing so. He is such a hypocrite too. Preaching to me how he never cheated and knows how much it hurts to be cheated on, yet he likes using that word on me when I never ever gave him a reason to use it in the first place. He is guilty of cheating so that explains why he's always trying to make me feel like shit. 

lesson of the blog: don't trust your man with no female. especially females that were once his boy's ex, kicks, baby mama, etc. there is no bro code, because bros will fuck with each others hoes and sloppy seconds. and when he accuse you of cheating first, go check his fb, phone, and email and you will see that he is guilty of the crime therefore that's why he's trying to make it look like as if he's the victim of an unfaithful relationship, and don't even try to make friends with bitches you suspect of being home wreckers because odds are they are what they put themselves out there to be.and im not going to use any name here but if your feeling guilty after reading this then this msg is for you.