Friday, April 1, 2011


I've been meaning to post a blog about my new baby nephew that was born on Tuesday morning March 29. I wanted to write a post but I was so busy with work and school and going to the hospital the past couple of days to see how he was doing. The day that he was born, he came out having respiratory problems and had to be hooked up to the machines to help him breathe. It was so sad watching the little guy trying to be healthy. But today was an amazing day and all the prayers that I had requested from my friends really pulled through. My nephew got released today in the afternoon and I was so excited to leave class and go see him and hold him. He was supposedly considered a big baby weighing in at 8lbs but hes actually hella small when you hold him. I love the little man already, I really am going to do my best to be an awesome aunt and watch him grow up. As much as I do not agree or support 16 yr old teen pregancy, sometimes these things happens and that I am truely happy to say that I am glad it happened because I've blessed to be an aunt to such a cutie pie nephew and just thrilled to capture his life as much as I can before I start my own sometime near the future..LOL 

k k until next time 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Let's talk SMAC: vol.1 "he's not a good catch"

Before I throw out my "past" I figured I would write my thoughts down before I trash it and never see it again. I have mention about this before, that I would go through my past relationship experiences and lessons that I've learned. By no means am I a player or a slut, I just went through a lot to figure out what it means to be in a relationship with committment, why I need a bf, why I fell in love or was I even really in love, and the ups and downs that so many of us girls who sworn that they rather be at the highs then to be at the lows. But I am that girl whose been through my highs and lows and figured maybe somewhere someone is going through the same thing and might find this to be amusing or helpful or stupid, heh,  but nonetheless I will start with this ex kick because I have held onto this for years now and don't understand why I still have it when I will never date him nor will I ever speak to him. LOL

Mister BuFu kid:
I only got to know him through a friend. He was from bufu town, literally an hour away from the city. He came to the city on a cab, like legit, being at the age of 14 or 15 that time. A cab ride was like an entire month of allowance money. So to cut the story short, he came down to chill with my friend, but of course she was not interested and had to leave early because of an excuse she gave him and asked if I can keep him company. So as a good friend like I was, actually no, I was just bored and had nothing better to do. I took him under my wing and gave him a tour of the grand chinatown in a nutshell. LOL I guess after our little tour was when he started developing feelings for me. HOW QUICK WAS THAT? LOL but I guess when your young and its your first time in the city with a city girl everything is attractive. That was exactly it, I was merely an attraction because the bufu life was not doing it for him. We talked or whatever and then a week after he came down to the city again because he didn't have a car nor had any knowledge about the metra station. We hung out again because we consider ourselves as friends now I guess. He gave me a "gift" which was a note and a few pictures. I read it after we hung out and to my surprise, mister had one hell of a good handwriting. His pictures were funny, a picture of him, his bff and him, his older brother and him (they looked like twins), and a picture of his house. The picture of his house was the funniest to me. Because of what he wrote in the back. He basically assumed that I was a gold digger and that I was going to live with him in his bufu home in the bufu. WRONG! I am not about to give up my Chicago skyline for cornfields. So after reading the note about him pouring his feelings out, I told him it wouldn't work and we've not kept in touch nor seen each other for years. Until this past summer when I bumped into him at the club with his skinny stick of a gf and we just said hi and bye and never thought twice about each other.

Lesson Learned: Never take someone that your friend throws at you, its never a good catch. LOL. Do not let anyone take you as a gold digger, unless you are one then heh heh heh. And most definitely do not think that if your dating someone that the house is yours, because its his parents if he's still living with them. 

k k until next smac talking =P

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Charlotte Russe Mini Haul

I am always shopping or window shopping in downtown because I work there and it is like a curse. I try so hard to not shop, but cmon now, its downtown! I have all the shopping stores a block away from work. So yes this is a mini haul because I did not buy a lot. Just accessories because they were buy 2 for $8 and I finally got the mini messenger bag/clutch that I've eyed since the winter time and it was on clearance! The color of the bag was more then perfect because it was meant for spring =D 

Coral messenger bag that turns into a clutch without the strapes $15

its a pear with bling bling!
my mama, my 2 bros and I. all chilling on a 2 finger ring =]

 k k until next time =D

Forever21 winter season ending sale haul

March is the time that stores are stocking in their spring/summer collection and slashing prices off on their winter season gears. That was what Forever21 had done in their 2nd week marking of the month to allow girls to stock up on winter things and see what's in store for the new collections. I really didn't get to buy much of their clothing's because all the small sizes were gone in a snap, I bought mostly accessories that were like $1.50 or under $5. So here goes the items I got to snag while it was still there, some items are still in stores from when I checked like 2 days ago. 

red tube top romper $9.90

blotting sheets in floral print $3.80 - gold cross wing ring $4.50 - silver diamond bow ring $4.50 - turquoise flower ring - $4.40 - silver diamond studded ring $4.50

black & pink hoop earrings $1.50 - gold leaf earrings $1.50 - silver diamond studded heart ring $1.50 - gold rose band ring $1.50 - gold unicorn necklace $1.50 (for my bff Karen who likes unicorn)

leopard?cheetah? kitty kat? LOL gold ring with emerald eyes $2.50! FAVE RING at the moment.

lower eye lashes $2.80 *these are plastic so be very careful when apply it, I cut them up individually and then apply it underneath*

scoop neck sweater with color diamonds and pearls to the left and a BIG BOW to the right! $5.99 and I love it!

taupe floral front neck shirt $5.99

I got these earrings because they remind of the ones Evelyn Lozada from Basketball wives had. The camera necklace was also another fave or mine. I have a collection of camera cutouts from magazine that I collect.
silver butterfly dangly earrings $3.80 diamond studded black camera necklace $3.80
k k until next time =D

Vietnam Gifts from Mama Mac

Mama Mac is finally back from the motherland (Vietnam)! Thank goodness, her absence for the past 3 weeks was good and bad. Made me miss her a lot but made me realize I can live by myself too. My brother Charles and I went to pick her up with signs that said "WINNIE WELCOME BACK TO AMERICA" LMAO hilarious I tell you because she spotted us before we spotted her. But anyways, mama mac unveiled all the good stuff she got me from Vietnam, she went there to take care and visit family so there wasn't really much touring for her or going into the city because it takes 3 hours to drive there. So the weekend that she was in the city she picked up as much things as I asked her to help me find. But I guess my mom had a hard time because she's not into the same cosmetic as I am and my canto explanations sucked. The things she got me were hilarious and fun. I will show you guys what she got me. LOL be prepare to laugh as you read and look at the pictures. The designer brands item are obviously knock offs, my mom knows how much I will lose things, so losing fake things won't make he sad LOL k enjoy

fake mini Chanel earrings
fake Burberry cashmere scarf, belt, and wallet
love this wallet! so many pockets
eyelash glue that smells like papaya! eyelashes and eyebrow pencil
#1 is slightly thicker than #28 but it still looks the same to me
eyebrow pencil with the brush, its waterproof! no smudge
salty dried plums? I call it "wah mui" or "hom mui" LOL

100% real human hair in jet black with curls

the front with the fringe

100% human hair in brown 18 inch straight

so shiny and smooth

 k k until next vacation =D

Jewel Cosmetic $2 Sales!

I am shopping for groceries at my local Jewel with my mom and stumble into the cosmetic aisle because I know that sometimes Jewel will have sales or clearance items on the shelves. I figured I go and check since I'm there anyways and I found some great things for only $1.99! YES $1.99! Keep in mind that I did bought these things like a month in a half ago but all items are still in stores and some are new items too. So in no particular order I will list the haul items and my reviews on them. 

Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick: Love the packaging! The cap of the lipstick has a crown which I believe is their symbol/icon that represents their brand. The cap is super sturdy and has a snap when you close it to let you know its tightly sealed. Love the royal purple color all round! The color itself is a little too bright and red for me. But I this will be as close to red as I will get because I am scared of red lipsticks. LOL. There's a shimmer after you apply so there really is no need for lip gloss to top it off, but I am the type of girl who likes to put on lip gloss anyways. I definitely want to get another shade in this line but probably a peach or nude color. OHH! it is also spf18!!! super A++ on this product!

Rosette #860 spf 18
Milani Liquif'eye metallic eye liner pencil: I love this product too! This is their new eye liner pencil to the Milani line. Milani is known to have the best eye liner pencil because it glides on so effortlessly and smooth. I picked these two (brown and gold) and I love love love it. The gold is so pretty with a smokey look and the brown is so pretty with a neutral look and its not as shimmery as the gold. This is their new eye liner product btw.

Gold #03 and Brown #05
Rimmel London Sexy Curves Mascara: Again I love the packaging and the royal purple color. The product claims to give you up to 70% curlier lashes/voluptuous volume. My review on this is that it gives length more than volume and my lashes did not get curlier. It does not clump when I apply 2-3 layers on which is awesome. I do find that the shape of the brush doesn't help the mascara perform as well because its not a straight or curve wand. In stead it's more of a "snow man" shape to me LOL and it does not pick up every lashes. I have medium length lashes that stays straight in the middle, like it does not droop down or goes up, and I wear this mascara when I am wearing it with false lashes. Wearing it alone makes your lashes very tall but not as thick or fanned out. This is also their new product but they came out with another formula in a green packaging with Zooey Deschanel that has lash growth complex in it.hmm...makes me wanna try that. They also have this in waterproof for those who need it, I don't buy waterproof because they are a lot harder to remove off. 

lipstick package and Extreme Black #003

K K until next time =D

Monday, March 14, 2011

Mid-March updates/ Hauls & Reviews

I really need to stop being so slow at updating and posting things here. My only reason is because my computer that my brother hella messed it up for me is in my room just catching dust until he comes back from Seattle in a couple of days to fix it for me and then I can start posting and editing it without having to use my younger brothers computer. GOODNESS I WISH I WAS AN ONLY CHILD SOMETIMES. heh heh jk. I love the bratty little bros. Moving on, I've recently been having so much stress dealing with Chase Bank because I've been a victim of identity theft. What is most upsetting about the situation is that I am not even rich or banking to begin with, so why rob me and not someone who has over $100 in their account ya know? So I am still in the process of dealing with that it's been like a week now. Next thing is that I am beginning to see fine lines/wrinkles by my eyes! O.o I really need to start shopping high end on face products because I can not have sagging skin. I need to go easy on the tanning under the sun in the summer and wear shades. I recently just dyed my hair and MAN! its not even brown! its like red! I want brown! I need to wait for the end of the month to go buy a box of hair dye and I want to try the foam dye because I saw how much easier it is to apply. That is all for the updates for now. I wish I do not need to update as much because I feel like all my updates are bad and never anything good. =/ 

Hauls / Reviews woot woot! *killing two birds with one stone =p*
bareMinerals eyelid primer: Bare Escentuals boutique at Water Tower Place 5th floor.$18 each for 0.1 fl oz regular and brightening
Review: I was extremely upset with this purchase at first because I thought I got jipped. Because it's .1 FL OZ FOR $18. the tube size was smaller then the urban decay and too faced insurance and they both are priced the same. BUT BUT, the reason as to why bareMinerals priced it that and kept the formula smaller is because a single tube last for 6 months and you really do not need a lot because a pinch will go a long way for both eye lids. I won't need to buy another eyelid primer for a year! So far I am loving it because it does not smudge and last very long, heck it lasted til the next morning for work after a long night of sweaty dancing. LOL and you should join their frequent buyers club card promo, for every $10 you spend, you get a punch and after you get 10 punches you get $10 to spend! I know it seems like a long way, but if your a mineral makeup user, then you will rack up fast!

regular and brightening *they have a "pearl" version which is meant for lighter skin eyelid because it helps illuminates the lid and the color of the eyeshadow, I got the brightening because I am tan and the gold really helps illuminate the color of eye shadows

Maybelline New York NEW spring/summer 2011 eye shadows:Ulta at State St, Downtown. $5.79 Expert Wear Stylish Smokes Quad and $4.49 Expert Wear Perfect Pastels/ Modern Metallics Duo. 
Rewiew: I am a huge Maybelline fan and love their quads. Their new line of quads are the same as their old version. Their new quads changed shape of each shadow int he pan due to the fact that they feel like there are certain colors you would use more than others to achieve that smokey eye look. Which I think is smart on their behalf. The quad labels out what you use for your base (brow bone), lid, crease, and liner! It is definitely a user friendly quad for those of us who are looking for a palette that has everything you need for one look or instructions. Their duo shades are to die for as well! So great and perfect timing for spring/summer! They colors are so pretty and again they have alter it to give you the color you need the most and least.  

Stylish Smokes series in Plum Smokes #12Q *prettiest neutral smokey purple*
Lasting Lilac #40D &  Sunkissed Olive #90D
Pink Suede #35D & Shocking Seas #45D*this is the color they use to market the new line along with the ONE by ONE mascara*

Wet n Wild: Walmart at Skokie, IL. ~$5.95 i-Sparkle floral palette, $1.99 Idol eyes creme shadow pencil, $0.93 Silk Finish lipstick [~ is an estimated price]
Review: I am so in love with wet and wild's cosmetic line, they are definitely inexpensive and have a good range of items to choose from. I love this floral palette because of the neutral colors and the great packaging, it opens up with the mirror on the back and slides to the side! A+ for that. The palette is label as NEW but if you check the wnw site it doesn't even list this product so I'm wondering if this is a "new" last product??? Any who, their eye stick is even better! So creamy and its like a dupe of NYX jumbo pencil stick but not as big or pricey. Their silk finish lipstick is great and the color is a pinky peach. For the price of less than a dollar and it moisturize the lips too. I prefer moisturizing lipstick than regular. But I do have to warn you guys about the packaging of the lipstick, the cap is very weak and if you drop it, it will fly out. The logo on the side rubs off too and there is no spf. So please be beware but I guess that is why the lipstick is under a dollar.
Envy #132 & Electro #131
Star Cluster #140
Sunset Peach #516C

L'oreal Paris HIP shadow duo: Ulta at State St, Downtown $7.99 and Maybelline Moisture Lipstick: Walgreens at State St, Downtown $3.50
Review: I love the duo's so much variety of shades from matte, shimmer, bright, and metallic if I recall. I picked up two shades (Wicked and Adventurous). Wicked appeared on Instyle magazine and I had to see it for myself of how the gold and purple went so well together. I choose adventurous because I wanted a pink toned shadow, I found this to be very hard to wear especially on my tan skinned and I wanted to sell it, but then I saw a tutorial that Michelle Phan did recently on "Cherry Blossoms" using the same shade and I figured maybe I can try to pull it off again because honestly I do love how the pink and taupe goes together. This lipstick was on sale and I had to pick it up. It is a moisture extreme lipstick with spf15! Anything 2 in 1 stick is a plus for me. The packaging is great, the cap is tight and has a snap when you close it to let you know its sealed tightly. If your out in the sun a lot like me and wear lip products too, always try to see if they have it with spf's because you do not want to get dry and wrinkly lips. Keep them kissable and healthy! =D

Wicked  #536 *I had to put it on flash so that the color would be true*

Adventurous #114 *the pink is so pretty and resembles cherry blossom petals*
Metallic Mauve #A22 spf 15

k k until next time =D

Saturday, February 12, 2011

T-mobile FREE phone+MyTouch4 = Mad Love for MAMA MAC

Yesterday and today was the only days that you can get a Free phone with upgrade from I went in the store last night in downtown after work and there was hella people and a sign in sheet just to speak to a sales rep. I went home and told my mom what a freaking awesome deal it was to get a 4G smart phone for free and only have to pay for the internet service which is $30 a month for 2 years which just equals out to be $720 that I would be paying out of my own pocket. I finally convinced her and I went into the store by my house today and I got a even better deal there. I upgraded my family plan to 3,000 mins with unlimited text for $109 and each additional line is $5 each and internet package is $20 and a case and screen protector for $20! HOLY MOTHER OF VALENTINE! =D But I really would of not been able to get such a good deal if my mama didn't agree to upgrading the phone and for that I am so blessed to have such an awesome mom. I am not a spoiled brat nor do I ask my mom for money. She knows how much I've been wanting a smart phone for all these new business and projects I am taking on and I can not wait to utilize my phone to the max but first I must master on how to even work the phone because I've been so tied to my blackberry that I do not know how to work any other phones. I feel like such a noob. If anyone knows of any good apps I should download or want to skype me or video chat with me my user name is SandyBigMac

My first picture with the MyTouch in the setting "Twilight" 
The phone came in that black case and I bought a screen cover and plastic cover as well for $20 in purple! <3 purple and white
This is how the phone looks like when it's put together. LOOVEEE IT! still a noob at this new smart phone gadget. TANGO ME! =D (its like facetime)
k k until next time =D