Saturday, March 19, 2011

Forever21 winter season ending sale haul

March is the time that stores are stocking in their spring/summer collection and slashing prices off on their winter season gears. That was what Forever21 had done in their 2nd week marking of the month to allow girls to stock up on winter things and see what's in store for the new collections. I really didn't get to buy much of their clothing's because all the small sizes were gone in a snap, I bought mostly accessories that were like $1.50 or under $5. So here goes the items I got to snag while it was still there, some items are still in stores from when I checked like 2 days ago. 

red tube top romper $9.90

blotting sheets in floral print $3.80 - gold cross wing ring $4.50 - silver diamond bow ring $4.50 - turquoise flower ring - $4.40 - silver diamond studded ring $4.50

black & pink hoop earrings $1.50 - gold leaf earrings $1.50 - silver diamond studded heart ring $1.50 - gold rose band ring $1.50 - gold unicorn necklace $1.50 (for my bff Karen who likes unicorn)

leopard?cheetah? kitty kat? LOL gold ring with emerald eyes $2.50! FAVE RING at the moment.

lower eye lashes $2.80 *these are plastic so be very careful when apply it, I cut them up individually and then apply it underneath*

scoop neck sweater with color diamonds and pearls to the left and a BIG BOW to the right! $5.99 and I love it!

taupe floral front neck shirt $5.99

I got these earrings because they remind of the ones Evelyn Lozada from Basketball wives had. The camera necklace was also another fave or mine. I have a collection of camera cutouts from magazine that I collect.
silver butterfly dangly earrings $3.80 diamond studded black camera necklace $3.80
k k until next time =D


  1. Nice and fabulous post. I love all of these stuffs. They are all gorgeous. Big thanks and keep sharing.

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  2. where can we buy the leopard ring?

  3. nice romper.