Saturday, March 19, 2011

Vietnam Gifts from Mama Mac

Mama Mac is finally back from the motherland (Vietnam)! Thank goodness, her absence for the past 3 weeks was good and bad. Made me miss her a lot but made me realize I can live by myself too. My brother Charles and I went to pick her up with signs that said "WINNIE WELCOME BACK TO AMERICA" LMAO hilarious I tell you because she spotted us before we spotted her. But anyways, mama mac unveiled all the good stuff she got me from Vietnam, she went there to take care and visit family so there wasn't really much touring for her or going into the city because it takes 3 hours to drive there. So the weekend that she was in the city she picked up as much things as I asked her to help me find. But I guess my mom had a hard time because she's not into the same cosmetic as I am and my canto explanations sucked. The things she got me were hilarious and fun. I will show you guys what she got me. LOL be prepare to laugh as you read and look at the pictures. The designer brands item are obviously knock offs, my mom knows how much I will lose things, so losing fake things won't make he sad LOL k enjoy

fake mini Chanel earrings
fake Burberry cashmere scarf, belt, and wallet
love this wallet! so many pockets
eyelash glue that smells like papaya! eyelashes and eyebrow pencil
#1 is slightly thicker than #28 but it still looks the same to me
eyebrow pencil with the brush, its waterproof! no smudge
salty dried plums? I call it "wah mui" or "hom mui" LOL

100% real human hair in jet black with curls

the front with the fringe

100% human hair in brown 18 inch straight

so shiny and smooth

 k k until next vacation =D

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