Saturday, March 19, 2011

Charlotte Russe Mini Haul

I am always shopping or window shopping in downtown because I work there and it is like a curse. I try so hard to not shop, but cmon now, its downtown! I have all the shopping stores a block away from work. So yes this is a mini haul because I did not buy a lot. Just accessories because they were buy 2 for $8 and I finally got the mini messenger bag/clutch that I've eyed since the winter time and it was on clearance! The color of the bag was more then perfect because it was meant for spring =D 

Coral messenger bag that turns into a clutch without the strapes $15

its a pear with bling bling!
my mama, my 2 bros and I. all chilling on a 2 finger ring =]

 k k until next time =D


  1. Ahhh! I've been eyeing that bag since winter too! OMG did not know it went on sale! Argh kicking myself for walking right pass Charlotte yesterday =(

    Just found your blog by the way. Love your posts. Keep it up <3

  2. hahaha thanks FLUFFY! =D and yeah, I hella wanted the navy blue one too, but the lockit was broken, I sometimes fear those things when it comes to buying it from Charolotte and Forever21. BUT, have you seen their shoes deal? buy 1 and get the 2nd for $10! =D I've been trying to get some new spring heels or wedges.