Sunday, March 27, 2011

Let's talk SMAC: vol.1 "he's not a good catch"

Before I throw out my "past" I figured I would write my thoughts down before I trash it and never see it again. I have mention about this before, that I would go through my past relationship experiences and lessons that I've learned. By no means am I a player or a slut, I just went through a lot to figure out what it means to be in a relationship with committment, why I need a bf, why I fell in love or was I even really in love, and the ups and downs that so many of us girls who sworn that they rather be at the highs then to be at the lows. But I am that girl whose been through my highs and lows and figured maybe somewhere someone is going through the same thing and might find this to be amusing or helpful or stupid, heh,  but nonetheless I will start with this ex kick because I have held onto this for years now and don't understand why I still have it when I will never date him nor will I ever speak to him. LOL

Mister BuFu kid:
I only got to know him through a friend. He was from bufu town, literally an hour away from the city. He came to the city on a cab, like legit, being at the age of 14 or 15 that time. A cab ride was like an entire month of allowance money. So to cut the story short, he came down to chill with my friend, but of course she was not interested and had to leave early because of an excuse she gave him and asked if I can keep him company. So as a good friend like I was, actually no, I was just bored and had nothing better to do. I took him under my wing and gave him a tour of the grand chinatown in a nutshell. LOL I guess after our little tour was when he started developing feelings for me. HOW QUICK WAS THAT? LOL but I guess when your young and its your first time in the city with a city girl everything is attractive. That was exactly it, I was merely an attraction because the bufu life was not doing it for him. We talked or whatever and then a week after he came down to the city again because he didn't have a car nor had any knowledge about the metra station. We hung out again because we consider ourselves as friends now I guess. He gave me a "gift" which was a note and a few pictures. I read it after we hung out and to my surprise, mister had one hell of a good handwriting. His pictures were funny, a picture of him, his bff and him, his older brother and him (they looked like twins), and a picture of his house. The picture of his house was the funniest to me. Because of what he wrote in the back. He basically assumed that I was a gold digger and that I was going to live with him in his bufu home in the bufu. WRONG! I am not about to give up my Chicago skyline for cornfields. So after reading the note about him pouring his feelings out, I told him it wouldn't work and we've not kept in touch nor seen each other for years. Until this past summer when I bumped into him at the club with his skinny stick of a gf and we just said hi and bye and never thought twice about each other.

Lesson Learned: Never take someone that your friend throws at you, its never a good catch. LOL. Do not let anyone take you as a gold digger, unless you are one then heh heh heh. And most definitely do not think that if your dating someone that the house is yours, because its his parents if he's still living with them. 

k k until next smac talking =P

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