Monday, January 31, 2011

January Haul/Review - Forever21, UrbanOutfitters, and Nordstrom Rack

Since today is the last day for the month of January I figured I should do a blog about the things I've bought this month. Keep in mind that somethings are bought with a gift card because January was my birthday and I had received some as gifts so not everything was bought with cash or out of my own pocket =D I will also list the places that I purchase them from and websites that you can find them at as well. I can not guarantee anything, but I hope you guys can find it or maybe something similar to it, so happy shopping =]
Forever21 Haul on false lashes and accessories: 
The old version of the false lashes have a stiff band so therefore you will need to loosen it up a bit by wiggling so that it will not flick out as you wear it. I do like the packaging of the lashes because it comes with a hard plastic cover that you can store your lashes back on the tray and keep it away from dust. The new lashes have this hella cute packaging of purple and black with white polka dots! but the tray itself doesn't come with a plastic cover so you will need to put it back in the clear cover to keep dust away. If you do not plan on reusing them, then disregard what I said about the packaging then.LOL.The band is super stiff so you will need to wiggle to reshape and it will be fine.I like the new ones because they have better lash designs and also have a 2 in 1 pack and the just "long end lashes" for those who don't wanna wear the full length ones. But I wouldn't reuse the new ones because the lashes are plastic and just doesn't feel natural compare to the old version. I never use the eyelash glue that comes with it and I do not recommend anyone either because they suck, go buy the Duo Dark tone eye adhesive glue from Target or Walgreens for $7 they work hella better. The accessories that I bought were extremely cute and I have this weird obsession for iconic studs. Not to mention it was super cheap as well! 

False Lashes @ State St. Downtown:
 Top column lashes are newer versions <3 and bottom row are older versions
$2.80 each: #83 (crisscross) - #161 (shortLongshort)

 $2.80 each: #12 (separated Long) - #33 (sushi grass displays LOL)

$1.80 each: #1 (thick crisscross) - #2 (thicker&longer crisscross)
$1.80 each: #4 (2 in 1 pack *90 cents each*) - #5 (just Long ends crisscross)

Accessories @ Water Tower place. Downtown:
 $1.50 Cream glitter gold hoops - $1.50 Cupcake gold necklace - $2.80 Iconic studs in 3 (basically $1 each) - $1.50 Vintage Leaf gold ring sz6 - $1.50 Flower gold earrings

Up close: Cupcake with colorful blings all over it! 

Up close: Can you see the glitter? It's so pretty!

Urban Outfitters @ State St. Downtown:
 $4.99 Long dangle Emerald gem earrings
 It is about 5 inches long
  $9.99 Stila 5 piece holiday pkge brushes
#2:under eye concealer - #4:lip/liner - #9:all over blend - #11:concealer - #24:powder

Nordstrom Rack @ Oak Brook, IL:
Nordstrom Rack is a great place to find designer name brand clothing's for a bargain! I got these True Religion jeans for $17.98!!!!! LIKE HOLY MOTHER OF JEANS. I couldn't believe it myself too. So yes ladies, go and check out your local Nordstrom Rack clearance section and see what great deals you can snag for yourself!!! Always try on your jeans! Because I can wear both sz.25 and 26 which is  hella odd.

 $17.98 True Religion jeans style: Becky light washed boot cut sz.25

 The back pocket designs (I'm a sucker for cute pocket designs) 

Check out the sites:

k k until next time, smile and be happy =D  

The Brush Guards from Coastal Scents

YAY!!!!! to receiving packages in the mail. I was so excited to get my Brush Guards that I ordered from Coastal Scents with a promotion of 30% off. WHO DOESN'T LOVE PROMOTIONS?!!1?!!? I heard about this through Michelle Phan on youtube channel because she has a tutorial on how she cleans her brushes and keeps it nice and clean. Definitely check her channel out, she is a professional. I got 2 variety pack and 1 shadow/liner pack. Each pack cost $3.46!!! Shipping cost $1.22! I love it when shipping is cheap, because I hate paying for shipping and handling on anything that I order. I used them right away and so in love with them. It really does try a lot faster and keeps all the brush hair in shape and away from dust. My only issue with them is that the brush guards are made from plastic so it might start to tear away in a few months of usage so I should of bought more back ups. Instead I returned the back ups and I have to say I give Coastal Scents customer service an A+ because they were quick and extremely nice about the returns that I made. Their site also have videos of "how NOT to clean your brushes" and they are hilarious!  

So I received this in the package as well. Titanium Dioxide. It is suppose to whiten things up, My question is...WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO WHITEN? 

Check out their other products for brushes and palettes:

k k until next time, smile and be happy =D

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Discovery Clothing 2 items haul

I went to shop at Discovery for the second time ever in my life. The first time was for a last minute Halloween outfit that I did not even get to wear because I fell asleep. LOL I got a $25 gift card from a friend at school for Discovery clothing and I was too blah to tell her that I do not shop there but it was nice of her to get a gift card. SHOOT. free money for clothes, I should not be complaining. Let me just start off with why I never liked shopping there because of my experiences there. First, they do not have fitting rooms, therefore you do not know if you look good in something or if it will fit. You have to eye ball everything. Second, all their sizing are so off, when the tag said an item is a dress, it actually is more like a top because it's so short and when an item is a top, it is a dress. SEE HOW ANNOYING THAT IS! Third, they just never have nice employees there, everyone that work there is short tempered and rude. So onto what I bought. I bought a pair of brown suede round toed pumps from Qupid with a strap across that makes it look like Mary Janes, but the sexier version of it for $12.99. The heels are extremely tall because its 4.5 inches and if your a shortie like me who only stands at 5'1'', you know you need all the height you can get from your heels =D I bought a spaghetti strap brown tanned dress with gold and brown studs and gems on the middle for $7.99 Both items were super cute for a great price. With clothing stores like Discovery you really need to be 100% sure of what your going in to buy. Definitely a store for last minute clubbing attire for a cheap price. 

 It's spandex and polyester material, definitely a summer dress
The inner sole of animal prints is so cute! Definitely need to spray suede protector before wearing
This is a 5 inch ruler and the back heels measure up to 4.5 inches tall!!!

Check out their site if you wanna browse around:

k k until next time, smile and be happy =D

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My early 23rd Celebration @ 1.15.11

So my actually birthday is on Wednesday January.19. I decided to celebrate my birthday early because school had started for most Universities and I know how busy everyone will be. Therefore I decided to do dinner at LOKal, bar hop to Plan B and Crocodile. I wanted to just do a quick review on the restaurant and the two bars that my friends and I went to in Wicker Park. It is a West side trendy hip neighborhood in Chicago. An area that you will likely spot me at during the weekends. So let's start:

LOKal: $$
1904 W North Ave
(between Elk Grove Ave & Wolcott Ave)
Chicago, IL 60622
Neighborhood: Wicker Park
(773) 904-8113
It was super pretty and white inside. The decor inside was modern and artful. Was not spacious. A big party is definitely a tight squeeze. Our waitress Meere was extremely nice and pretty. The lighting were dimmed, but not to the point where you can not see your food or your friends face. I had ordered the braised duck leg in cherry wine sauce. It was super good and got me full. Their Parisian cocktail was super good too, you really could taste the butterscotch. Their risotto was super good too. You really do pay for what you eat. 

Plan B
1635 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60686
Neighborhood: Wicker Park
(773) 252-2680
I really liked the name of this bar. We went here after dinner and it was only a block in a half walk from LOKal. My bartender Jared who is also the event planner was extremely sweet and welcoming. Made me on heck of a killer shot that tasted like a Dr.pepper. They have a $25, $35, and $45 wristband deal and the prices goes up which means the more drinks option your allowed. Definitely a good deal since you can drink up to 3 hours of your choice I believe. Do not quote me on it, call Jared himself to plan if you have any questions. They have this stripper pole in the back near the VIP section which is cute for any pole dancer who wanna flaunt your skills. Their music choices were your typical top40's with music videos to look at. The crowd there was your upper 20's to 30's who likes to mingle and not dance. They also require you to spend $25 or over in order to leave a credit card tab, so bring in cash if your not going to spend over $25.
1540 N Milwaukee Ave
(between Damen Ave & North Ave)
Chicago, IL 60622
Neighborhood: Wicker Park
(773) 252-0880
I ended my night with my friends here. I absolutely love and rave about this bar all the time to everyone. They give you a free mini cheese pizza with every drink you buy. WHAT A SWEET DEAL! and plus if your Asian like me and love your siraccha sauce. THEY HAVE IT! Their fish bowls are $14 and they are so yummy and fruity taste. Downstairs is where all the dance scene happens. Music is always a mix of hip hop, house, oldies, and top40s. The crowd is a mix of diversity. They only require $15 minimum to open a credit card tab. I always have a great time dancing my night away there.
TO conclude this blog about my early birthday celebration: had an amazing night with great food, dancing shoes, and loving friends.

k k until next year when I turn 24 =D

Here are a few pictures from my birthday!
 My very FIRST MARC JACOB tote! from my bestiees Lily and Inna <3 its very true to it's color:LIME GREEN. definitely a spring/summer bag

 YAY! TIME TO EAT! that's their braised duck leg and Parisian cocktail

Girls night out 

My bestiees <3 

 My girlfriend and lover Karen, don't take us seriously when we are under the influence <3

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Target / E.L.F. cosmetic's haul

I went to Target today because I had some e.l.f.( things to exchange. I have never gone to Target and walked out of there without anything in my hands. I absolutely love Target. The interior of the store just makes me happy whenever I walk in there. Not to mention they have a pretty sweet $1 section for little miscellaneous items. But anyways, back to what I wanted to say. I did a little e.l.f. haul and other cosmetics that were on the clearance section. If any of you ladies who are not familiar with e.l.f. cosmetics, I will give you a quick run down of it. They're basically cosmetics that are super affordable and easy to wear. Definitely check their site out because they carry more items than you would find at Target. I do not believe that every Target carry their line but definitely call your local Target or look it up on their site. Anyways, so after looking at makeups I stumble into the clothing section and I have never bought any clothes from department stores like that because I don't know what brands they carry and it's never any brands that I would wear. BUT BUT BUT I bought my very first black blazer from Mossimo for $7.48!!!! SUPER SUPER CHEAP AND SUPER SUPER CUTE! and it actually fits the way I wanted to. I've always had issues with blazers or anything in general that requires me to have a shoulder because I don't have any so wearing anything stiff makes me look like a robot. I hope that made sense. LOL but yes. I will be posting up pictures as soon as I get my camera to work again. I wanted to get this military short blazer from WilliamRast the line from J.T. but they did not have my size =/ and the Mulberry bag that was for $40 and I could not justify why I would want it =/

Target @ Roosevelt and Clark st. [you can go to any as long as they carry e.l.f. so find out first]

1.) Mossimo Black Blazer: $7.48 [originally $29.99]
2.) e.l.f. Clarifying Pressed Powder in "Honey#1302": $1 [its to eliminate shine]
3.) e.l.f. blush in "Tickled Pink#83132": $3 [I liked my "Candid Coral" a lot so I picked up a second one]
4.) e.l.f. Mechanical Eyelash Curler #1705: $1 [I love the handle and that it comes with a refill]
5.) e.l.f. Bronzing Brush #1805: $1 [I wonder why the brush is red?] 
6.) e.l.f. Concealer Brush #1821: $1 [great on areas that's small and hard to reach]
7.) e.l.f. Brightening eye color quad in Drama#2007: $1 [I love that you can make a glitter/smokey eye look]
8.) e.l.f. Hollywood false lashes #71323: $2.10 [on clearance and it came with the eyelash applicator and eyelash stand to reshape] 
9.) Revlon ColorStary eyeliner in Black/Noir #201: $6.28 [on clearance originally $9 and it came in 2] 

Check out the site:

k k until next time, smile and be happy <3


Monday, January 10, 2011

TLC review: Pho & I

Pho & I: $
2932 N Broadway
(between Oakdale Ave & Wellington Ave)
Chicago, IL 60657
Neighborhood: Lakeview
(773) 549-5700

My best friend and I were going to go grab "Crisp" for lunch but found out that they were not open on Monday! We were bummed but we figure we eat somewhere close by since I already paid for parking. So our option was to eat at Pho & I because we did crave for Pho but did not want to drive to Argyle (aka Vietnamese Town). So we went inside and to my surprise the place was actually a tad bit small but the decor was hella modern and chic inside. We sat down and was greeted by the waiter who was so soft voiced and sweet. Kudo points for him. So looking through the menu which was relatively short because it was just 2 pages. My best friend could not even find the menu for Pho because it was that small. We laughed and said " why call yourself pho and i when you do not even serve a long list of pho" but anyways so she got the pho ca and I got the lunch time special of pad thai and crab rangoon. My pad thai was nothing special and the crab rangoons were the same. Nothing special. My best friend's pho was just all right too. Should of went to Argyle, but yeah our whole meal was roughly around $20. its inexpensive and the decor inside it really pretty and modern. But I do not think I will go back there.

k k until next meal =D

Bare Escentuals/ Bare Minerals haul @ Pleasant Prairie Outlet

This is my first blog! YAY! Lets start with the fact that there is a Bare Escentuals outlet in Aurora! I am super excited because Bare Escentuals was my very first face makeup. I absolutely love mineral makeup because it is super light to wear on the face and gives that very flawless and natural look. I urge girls who are starting to play with makeup. Please do not go out looking like a clown. Keeping it natural is the best way to go. So back to my haul. I bought 3 items from them. Two of them are a 5 piece face kit and the the last thing are 4 mini Buxom lip polish aka lip gloss. The first kit is the "Natural Muse" and the second kit is the "Fab Fresh". They had more kits there which I am hoping I will be able to go back and get some more  because I am so in love with both kits. Both kits comes with 3 mini mineral eye shadows, 1 mini mineral blush, and 1 mini natural lip gloss. Both kits are wearable for the daytime and the color selection they choose for the kits are so PRETTY. The "Natural Muse" kit was $13.50 and the "Fab Fresh" was $19.50. These are great prices because they were originally $34.00 and for a kit that has everything you need from eyes-cheeks-to lips is AMAZING! The last thing that I bought was their Buxom Babes lip polish aka lip gloss. It is a mini set for $9.50 and you get 4 colors in Rosie, Lily, Iris, and Poppy. I am super in love with the Buxom lip gloss line cause I actually own 2 other shades in Claire and Destiny. Buxom's lip polish makes your lips shiny and look fuller. It has this nice tingle and cooling sensation when you apply it on. So yes. I definitely will be planning another trip out there to get more. I will be doing swatches in a youtube video when I get some lighting around my house. I hate winter season in Chicago! If you ladies can not get to an outlet you can also find their products in Ulta, Sephora, and their own boutiques in various malls. Google it. For any ladies who lives in Chicago. Their boutique is located at the Water Tower place. OH! I almost forgot to mention they have this frequent buyers card system where for every $10 you spend there you get a stamp and when you reach your 10th stamp you get $10 or 15% off. =D I hope that was not too much to read and I hope to hear what you ladies think about their products. 

The 2 face kits and Lip Polish kit

Natural Muse kit 

 Lipgloss:Praline/ Eyeshadow:Nude Chiffon/ Eyeshadow:Smoked Clay/ EyeLiner:Marina/ Blush:Poppy

*in the same order as mentioned above, sorry for the horrible swatches*

 Fab Fresh kit

 Lipgloss:Strawberry shortcake/ Eyeshadow:Lilac Vibe/ Eyeshadow:BlushingBronze/ Eyeliner:Wild Jungle/ Blush:Azalea
 *swatches in the same order as mentioned above*
 mini Lip Polish set: Rosie, Lily, Iris, Poppy

 swatches in the same order as mentioned above *Poppy is hella gorgeous*

Check out their other products:
k k until next time, smile and be happy =]