Saturday, February 12, 2011

T-mobile FREE phone+MyTouch4 = Mad Love for MAMA MAC

Yesterday and today was the only days that you can get a Free phone with upgrade from I went in the store last night in downtown after work and there was hella people and a sign in sheet just to speak to a sales rep. I went home and told my mom what a freaking awesome deal it was to get a 4G smart phone for free and only have to pay for the internet service which is $30 a month for 2 years which just equals out to be $720 that I would be paying out of my own pocket. I finally convinced her and I went into the store by my house today and I got a even better deal there. I upgraded my family plan to 3,000 mins with unlimited text for $109 and each additional line is $5 each and internet package is $20 and a case and screen protector for $20! HOLY MOTHER OF VALENTINE! =D But I really would of not been able to get such a good deal if my mama didn't agree to upgrading the phone and for that I am so blessed to have such an awesome mom. I am not a spoiled brat nor do I ask my mom for money. She knows how much I've been wanting a smart phone for all these new business and projects I am taking on and I can not wait to utilize my phone to the max but first I must master on how to even work the phone because I've been so tied to my blackberry that I do not know how to work any other phones. I feel like such a noob. If anyone knows of any good apps I should download or want to skype me or video chat with me my user name is SandyBigMac

My first picture with the MyTouch in the setting "Twilight" 
The phone came in that black case and I bought a screen cover and plastic cover as well for $20 in purple! <3 purple and white
This is how the phone looks like when it's put together. LOOVEEE IT! still a noob at this new smart phone gadget. TANGO ME! =D (its like facetime)
k k until next time =D 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

911 cosmetic emergency: Broken Blush

Someone friggen broke my e.l.f. blush and it was my favorite color! Since no one confessed to breaking it, therefore I couldn't punish whoever did it. I learned my lesson and store all my makeup in my room instead. Now I decided to "youtube" how to fix broken make up because I was not about to throw it out especially when I didn't even get to hit pan. There was a lot of how to vids but the thing is, all the girls made it is so complicated with all these steps until...DUN DUN DUN! I FOUND KANDEE J! aka Kandee Johnson the makeup artist. Her demonstration was super fast and super easy and I put it to the test and it worked out great! I GOT TO SAVE MY BLUSH! I was so sad that I would had to throw it out or try to buy another one because I haven't seen it on any Target's shelves. I will not go in details to explain  how I did it because you guys can youtube her yourself and learn like I did. Check her out and follow her on blogspot! =D

1. strip of cotton fabric 2. Alcohol in the 70% or higher 3. plastic bag 4. toothpick 5. any item with a flat surface to press
 this was how my blush looked before I fixed it 
 e.l.f.'s blush in Candid Coral <3

k k until next time, smile and be happy 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Valentine's Day Dress Ideas

Since February is here and I know girls are out trying to figure out what they are going to wear on Valentine's day with their significant other. I figured I would show a couple of different styles of dresses that I think is super suitable for such a sweet occasion along with some sweet prices. Keep it mind that these dresses were bought in the month of December and January in between, not every dress I show will be available, but maybe there will be other or even better alternative dresses so I hope this will be helpful to everyone who is looking for a Valentine's Day dress =P. As usual I will provide links, store locations, and a discount code! Have a good time shopping!

Motel-style:Gina @ [use rep code:SMAC312 for 20% off] priced:$70 paid:$56 w. repcode!
I absolutely adore this dress because it's not only long sleeved which is great for a chilly night in Chicago but the gold detailing is so pretty and feminine.The color of the dress is perfect for the theme of red and love. Something about this bright red and gold just makes the dress pop and it is shoulder padded for the warning. If you do not like it, remove it with scissor like I did. I do not like shoulder pads because they make me look like a mini football player. This dress also reminds me of a matador. You can find this dress in black on or you can go to and find it in blue and purple. They also have another Motel dress in black with a gold floral heart detailing in front of the dress, which is also another lovely alternative. I love Motel dresses and every girl should own one <3

 back of the dress is V cut

AKIRA Black Label-style:lace spaghetti @ AkiraChicago;Bucktown [on sale in store] priced:$74.90 paid:$60
If you ladies don't know but I love lace, why? because it's so feminine and sensual. The front detailing is what got me because it looks like a heart and it has this color accent of pink, black, and white. The heart detailing is perfect for the theme of love and hearts. The dress itself is lace all around with a zipper back. I do not know if this dress is still available but AKIRA Black Label itself has a variety of dresses you can browse through. Maybe you will find something similar or even lacier!  
 do you see the heart <3

AKIRA-style:rose swirl tube @ AkiraChicago;Bucktown [on sale in store] priced:$48.90 paid:$38
This dress itself is super plain at first, but if you look closer at the dress. It is detailed all around with swirl of roses. What a great theme as well because every girl would be expecting to receive a bouquet of them. The mid section of the dress is the same as the rim of the dress and I figured throwing on a thick red belt or pink will make the dress stand out or throw a red shawl over it will bring some color to the dress. Tube top dresses works wonder for petite body like mine because it gives the illusion that I have some bust =P
 closer look at the roses 

AKIRA-style:color blocks one shoulder @ AkiraChicago;Bucktown [on sale in store] priced:$48.90 paid:$38
This dress has all the colors of Valentine's Day written all over it. It is a cut out one shoulder dress and I am a sucker for one shoulder dresses. It starts off at the top being white then goes to taupe,pink and ends in red. The dress is a bandage dress, therefore I went a size up and got it in a Medium when I'm usually a Small. 

Links: [use RepCode for 20% off: SMAC312] *their customer service is great! shipping is standard and on time!*

k k until next time, smile and be happy =D 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Feburary welcomes Chicago with a BLIZZARD!

So this is not a blog about makeup or any shopping goodies. It is to talk about what a freaking wreck last night's blizzard hit Chicago and everyone's paying the price. The snow that accumulated til this morning reached my waist. LIKE ARE YOU SERIOUS CHICAGO WINTER!?!?!? now does everyone understand why I dream of California and palm trees. It is also Chinese New Year eve today so what a great way to start my day by shoveling my block and making an igloo =D I also got to film my "introduction" to youtube but have not gotten the time to upload it because I am hella busy cleaning and cooking, I also don't know how to edit my vids, so its going to raw footage. So when Chinese New year is around my madrew always make me clean up our house because it's tradition to do so and I stumble upon my box of "ex bf/ex kicks". LMAO I found some hella funny letters and pictures. So I decided that I will be conducting a series of random blog about the guys which I shall keep anonymous because I do not need them to know about it. I wanna share my thoughts and lesson that I've learned from the relationship/experience and maybe it will help those of you who might of went through it or is currently in it. I'm not a player, I just crush a lot ya digg =P So yes I am crossing my fingers that I do not need to go to school tomorrow, because it will be a wreck trying to get there when I can't even move my car. Well that is all I have to share about today and I hope everyone stays warm through this last month of winter and those who are already warm...:::shakes fist:::I envy you LOL 

k k until next time, smile and HAPPY EARLY CHINESE NEW YEAR! =D

  look at the car first then look at the hill of the snow in my yard
 Bunnie and I are ready to ring in Chinese New Year in RED =]
 yippie! my one and only "lai see"