Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Feburary welcomes Chicago with a BLIZZARD!

So this is not a blog about makeup or any shopping goodies. It is to talk about what a freaking wreck last night's blizzard hit Chicago and everyone's paying the price. The snow that accumulated til this morning reached my waist. LIKE ARE YOU SERIOUS CHICAGO WINTER!?!?!? now does everyone understand why I dream of California and palm trees. It is also Chinese New Year eve today so what a great way to start my day by shoveling my block and making an igloo =D I also got to film my "introduction" to youtube but have not gotten the time to upload it because I am hella busy cleaning and cooking, I also don't know how to edit my vids, so its going to raw footage. So when Chinese New year is around my madrew always make me clean up our house because it's tradition to do so and I stumble upon my box of "ex bf/ex kicks". LMAO I found some hella funny letters and pictures. So I decided that I will be conducting a series of random blog about the guys which I shall keep anonymous because I do not need them to know about it. I wanna share my thoughts and lesson that I've learned from the relationship/experience and maybe it will help those of you who might of went through it or is currently in it. I'm not a player, I just crush a lot ya digg =P So yes I am crossing my fingers that I do not need to go to school tomorrow, because it will be a wreck trying to get there when I can't even move my car. Well that is all I have to share about today and I hope everyone stays warm through this last month of winter and those who are already warm...:::shakes fist:::I envy you LOL 

k k until next time, smile and HAPPY EARLY CHINESE NEW YEAR! =D

  look at the car first then look at the hill of the snow in my yard
 Bunnie and I are ready to ring in Chinese New Year in RED =]
 yippie! my one and only "lai see"

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