Wednesday, February 9, 2011

911 cosmetic emergency: Broken Blush

Someone friggen broke my e.l.f. blush and it was my favorite color! Since no one confessed to breaking it, therefore I couldn't punish whoever did it. I learned my lesson and store all my makeup in my room instead. Now I decided to "youtube" how to fix broken make up because I was not about to throw it out especially when I didn't even get to hit pan. There was a lot of how to vids but the thing is, all the girls made it is so complicated with all these steps until...DUN DUN DUN! I FOUND KANDEE J! aka Kandee Johnson the makeup artist. Her demonstration was super fast and super easy and I put it to the test and it worked out great! I GOT TO SAVE MY BLUSH! I was so sad that I would had to throw it out or try to buy another one because I haven't seen it on any Target's shelves. I will not go in details to explain  how I did it because you guys can youtube her yourself and learn like I did. Check her out and follow her on blogspot! =D

1. strip of cotton fabric 2. Alcohol in the 70% or higher 3. plastic bag 4. toothpick 5. any item with a flat surface to press
 this was how my blush looked before I fixed it 
 e.l.f.'s blush in Candid Coral <3

k k until next time, smile and be happy 

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