Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My early 23rd Celebration @ 1.15.11

So my actually birthday is on Wednesday January.19. I decided to celebrate my birthday early because school had started for most Universities and I know how busy everyone will be. Therefore I decided to do dinner at LOKal, bar hop to Plan B and Crocodile. I wanted to just do a quick review on the restaurant and the two bars that my friends and I went to in Wicker Park. It is a West side trendy hip neighborhood in Chicago. An area that you will likely spot me at during the weekends. So let's start:

LOKal: $$
1904 W North Ave
(between Elk Grove Ave & Wolcott Ave)
Chicago, IL 60622
Neighborhood: Wicker Park
(773) 904-8113
It was super pretty and white inside. The decor inside was modern and artful. Was not spacious. A big party is definitely a tight squeeze. Our waitress Meere was extremely nice and pretty. The lighting were dimmed, but not to the point where you can not see your food or your friends face. I had ordered the braised duck leg in cherry wine sauce. It was super good and got me full. Their Parisian cocktail was super good too, you really could taste the butterscotch. Their risotto was super good too. You really do pay for what you eat. 

Plan B
1635 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60686
Neighborhood: Wicker Park
(773) 252-2680
I really liked the name of this bar. We went here after dinner and it was only a block in a half walk from LOKal. My bartender Jared who is also the event planner was extremely sweet and welcoming. Made me on heck of a killer shot that tasted like a Dr.pepper. They have a $25, $35, and $45 wristband deal and the prices goes up which means the more drinks option your allowed. Definitely a good deal since you can drink up to 3 hours of your choice I believe. Do not quote me on it, call Jared himself to plan if you have any questions. They have this stripper pole in the back near the VIP section which is cute for any pole dancer who wanna flaunt your skills. Their music choices were your typical top40's with music videos to look at. The crowd there was your upper 20's to 30's who likes to mingle and not dance. They also require you to spend $25 or over in order to leave a credit card tab, so bring in cash if your not going to spend over $25.
1540 N Milwaukee Ave
(between Damen Ave & North Ave)
Chicago, IL 60622
Neighborhood: Wicker Park
(773) 252-0880
I ended my night with my friends here. I absolutely love and rave about this bar all the time to everyone. They give you a free mini cheese pizza with every drink you buy. WHAT A SWEET DEAL! and plus if your Asian like me and love your siraccha sauce. THEY HAVE IT! Their fish bowls are $14 and they are so yummy and fruity taste. Downstairs is where all the dance scene happens. Music is always a mix of hip hop, house, oldies, and top40s. The crowd is a mix of diversity. They only require $15 minimum to open a credit card tab. I always have a great time dancing my night away there.
TO conclude this blog about my early birthday celebration: had an amazing night with great food, dancing shoes, and loving friends.

k k until next year when I turn 24 =D

Here are a few pictures from my birthday!
 My very FIRST MARC JACOB tote! from my bestiees Lily and Inna <3 its very true to it's color:LIME GREEN. definitely a spring/summer bag

 YAY! TIME TO EAT! that's their braised duck leg and Parisian cocktail

Girls night out 

My bestiees <3 

 My girlfriend and lover Karen, don't take us seriously when we are under the influence <3

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