Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Discovery Clothing 2 items haul

I went to shop at Discovery for the second time ever in my life. The first time was for a last minute Halloween outfit that I did not even get to wear because I fell asleep. LOL I got a $25 gift card from a friend at school for Discovery clothing and I was too blah to tell her that I do not shop there but it was nice of her to get a gift card. SHOOT. free money for clothes, I should not be complaining. Let me just start off with why I never liked shopping there because of my experiences there. First, they do not have fitting rooms, therefore you do not know if you look good in something or if it will fit. You have to eye ball everything. Second, all their sizing are so off, when the tag said an item is a dress, it actually is more like a top because it's so short and when an item is a top, it is a dress. SEE HOW ANNOYING THAT IS! Third, they just never have nice employees there, everyone that work there is short tempered and rude. So onto what I bought. I bought a pair of brown suede round toed pumps from Qupid with a strap across that makes it look like Mary Janes, but the sexier version of it for $12.99. The heels are extremely tall because its 4.5 inches and if your a shortie like me who only stands at 5'1'', you know you need all the height you can get from your heels =D I bought a spaghetti strap brown tanned dress with gold and brown studs and gems on the middle for $7.99 Both items were super cute for a great price. With clothing stores like Discovery you really need to be 100% sure of what your going in to buy. Definitely a store for last minute clubbing attire for a cheap price. 

 It's spandex and polyester material, definitely a summer dress
The inner sole of animal prints is so cute! Definitely need to spray suede protector before wearing
This is a 5 inch ruler and the back heels measure up to 4.5 inches tall!!!

Check out their site if you wanna browse around:

k k until next time, smile and be happy =D

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