Monday, January 31, 2011

The Brush Guards from Coastal Scents

YAY!!!!! to receiving packages in the mail. I was so excited to get my Brush Guards that I ordered from Coastal Scents with a promotion of 30% off. WHO DOESN'T LOVE PROMOTIONS?!!1?!!? I heard about this through Michelle Phan on youtube channel because she has a tutorial on how she cleans her brushes and keeps it nice and clean. Definitely check her channel out, she is a professional. I got 2 variety pack and 1 shadow/liner pack. Each pack cost $3.46!!! Shipping cost $1.22! I love it when shipping is cheap, because I hate paying for shipping and handling on anything that I order. I used them right away and so in love with them. It really does try a lot faster and keeps all the brush hair in shape and away from dust. My only issue with them is that the brush guards are made from plastic so it might start to tear away in a few months of usage so I should of bought more back ups. Instead I returned the back ups and I have to say I give Coastal Scents customer service an A+ because they were quick and extremely nice about the returns that I made. Their site also have videos of "how NOT to clean your brushes" and they are hilarious!  

So I received this in the package as well. Titanium Dioxide. It is suppose to whiten things up, My question is...WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO WHITEN? 

Check out their other products for brushes and palettes:

k k until next time, smile and be happy =D

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