Monday, January 10, 2011

TLC review: Pho & I

Pho & I: $
2932 N Broadway
(between Oakdale Ave & Wellington Ave)
Chicago, IL 60657
Neighborhood: Lakeview
(773) 549-5700

My best friend and I were going to go grab "Crisp" for lunch but found out that they were not open on Monday! We were bummed but we figure we eat somewhere close by since I already paid for parking. So our option was to eat at Pho & I because we did crave for Pho but did not want to drive to Argyle (aka Vietnamese Town). So we went inside and to my surprise the place was actually a tad bit small but the decor was hella modern and chic inside. We sat down and was greeted by the waiter who was so soft voiced and sweet. Kudo points for him. So looking through the menu which was relatively short because it was just 2 pages. My best friend could not even find the menu for Pho because it was that small. We laughed and said " why call yourself pho and i when you do not even serve a long list of pho" but anyways so she got the pho ca and I got the lunch time special of pad thai and crab rangoon. My pad thai was nothing special and the crab rangoons were the same. Nothing special. My best friend's pho was just all right too. Should of went to Argyle, but yeah our whole meal was roughly around $20. its inexpensive and the decor inside it really pretty and modern. But I do not think I will go back there.

k k until next meal =D

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