Thursday, April 26, 2012

Angry Asian ExGF vol.2 "Don't make him your priority when you're just an option to him"

Mang, I haven't been on here in forever! Well not literally forever but it's been a few months now. LOL 

So today's topic that I wanna talk/vent about is about this quote that I read from my sisters fb status and it went something along the line of :

"don't make him your priority when you are just an option to him"

So I've been single for a few months now and I'm not going to lie, I had seen my exbf even after we broken up. I still catered to his every needs and demands. But yet he still managed to throw in the "your still a slut". LIKE FREALZ, how am I a slut when I'm making dinner with him and turned my cell off and give all my devoted attention to him. Anyways, so for the longest I hella struggled to find myself and find things to do on my own so that I wouldn't have to spend time with him, because I was so used to our routines and schedule when we were still dating. I know, I know, your probably thinking "why can't you just say no to him!" TRUST ME, saying "no" to someone you loved and cared about a lot is hard. As horrible as he treated me while we were dating and even after the breakup. I still allowed him to treat me like shit. Why? Because it's not that easy to let go and move on and act all cherry. Anyone who can do that, I give you hella kudos and wished I was as strong and courageous as you were. 

So I stuck around for a few more weeks with him and time after time he treats me even worst. He would always repeat back to me whenever I get upset and want to go home "your not my fucking gf, your just another slut that did me wrong and I never wanted to date you" and I would run out of his place as fast I could. I don't deserve it and I've never did anything wrong to him, I do everything in my way to please him still, even knowing that he's not my bf anymore. I still catered to him. I dropped everything and everyone for him, stupid I know. Eventually I realized he only wants me when he's lonely for the first 30 mins, then he would call either his sister or boys to come over. I hate being his 3rd wheel because I always get left in the corner by myself. The moment that made me realized that I can no longer cater to his every needs and demands was when he called me to yell at me for no apparent reason and then 5 minutes later he calls me back and apologized because he was lonely and wanted me over to keep him company. I was his last option because he went thru his entire contact list and I was the only one that he knew that will always pick up his call before the 3rd ring ended and would always call him back the moment I see that I missed his call and explain to him why I couldn't answer him and what I was doing at the moment. Even then, its not good enough for him. He would never wait til the 3rd ring for me, he would never call me back the moment he sees my missed call, he only calls me back when its convenient to him, which is a few days later.

I am done being HIS last option. I am done being ANY dude's last option. Ladies, please, please don't let any dude make you his last option, because if he so called "love you" or have the slightest crush on you he will do what it takes to reassure you that your his #1 and will not leave you hanging in the corner while he giggles and tickles his sister. LMAO sorry the tickle part with the sister was a joke. hahahaha but do you ladies understand? If you know you can offer a dude the world because your that bomb ass gf, let him treat you right first, give that nice guy a chance, let him chase you. Don't shut down the entire forest because one tree failed to grow prosperous in your garden. LMAO sorry that last metaphor was from my daddie hahaha. I wish the best of luck to the guys who are making their gf or future gf their #1 because trust me, she will make you her #1 as well. Every couple should be on the same page together, if not, then you guys have some reevaluation to do. 

k k until next time 

p.s. I'm trying not to be so angry in my blog HAHAHAHA because I know it scares some people when they read it HAHAHA 

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